• Testimonials


    "I recommend the Perfect Posture support brace to every student I have. I can always tell who actually gets one, because their projection improves drastically the day they start wearing it." - Antonia Vicari, Singing Instructor


    "I was having soooo much trouble fixing my posture before, but now I don't even have to think about it. Thanks guys!" - Jackie L. Cullington, Hobbyist


    "A friend gave me a [Perfect Posture] brace when he saw I was having problems with consistency. Six months later and my singing is better than ever." - Scott Quincy, Professional Vocalist


    "The best thing about Perfect Posture is that you don't have to think about your form while you're using it. You can concentrate on your singing and the rest is taken care of for you." - Michelle Croft, University Student


About Us

Vocal Form™ is all about helping you to become the best singer you can be. Anyone can learn to sing. Vocal Form™ can help you sing better, faster.

Realize your vocal dreams, and stop stressing about the things that don’t matter. By enabling a perfect posture without you having to think about it, we let you relax the rest of your core and throat muscles that would otherwise restrict your singing voice. Achieve the best vocal range of your life. Try the Perfect Posture™ today.


Whether you’re a rocker, a classical vocalist, a folk-pop singer or an opera prodigy, you’re guaranteed to benefit from the world’s first singing posture support. Give us a shot. Your voice will thank you.